Core Courses

ME EN 5050/6050 Micromachining
ME EN 5055/6055 Microsystem Design and Characterization

Elective Courses

ME EN 6051 Microsensors
ME EN 6053 Microactuators
ME EN 6070 Fundamentals of Electromechanical Energy Harvesting
ME EN 6080 Nanotribology and Contact Mechanics
ME EN 6730 Microfluidic Chip Design and Fabrication
ME EN 5960 Additive manufacturing
ME EN 7960 Fundamentals of low-dimensional materials
ME EN 7960 Nanofabrication
ME EN 7960 Advanced microfluidics
ME EN 6630 Nanoscale heat transfer
ECE 6226 Electrical Interface for MEMS
ECE 6235 Nano-Electro Mechanical Systems
ECE 6461 Nanophotonics
ECE 5255/6255 Advanced Electron Microscopy for Semiconductor Materials and Devices
ECE 5960/6960 Biomedical Micro Devices
MSE 5073 Nanostructure Materials: Science & Technology
CH EN 6810 Nanoscience: Where Biology, Chemistry and Physics Meet